Sentricon* Colony Elimination system Dow AgroSciences LLC's newest scientific research product, Sentricon* Colony Elimination System, is the most advanced and efficient method to monitor and eliminate termites. Debut Hong Kong recently, we are proudly to be an authorized operator of Sentricon system.

Keeping pace with the fast development of technology, it should have an innovative scientific method to controlling and eliminating termites. , We are the Authorized Operator of The Dow AgroSciences LLC's Sentricon system , which can detect the termites activities by the installation of inconspicuous Sentricon stations and MD 499 monitoring device in the soil around the perimeter of your building. When the monitoring devices show significant termite activity, our highly trained pest management professional will replace the monitoring devices with a Baitubedevice containing Recruit II termite bait. Worker termites eat the bait which will affect their molting process and then die off eventually, the termite colony declines to the point where it can no longer sustain itself, ultimately leading to total collapse. For high-rise building, we can use Recruit AG termite bait to terminate termites.

Sentricon system is safe for environment, the technology that eliminates termite colonies using a very small amount of termite bait only when and where termites are present. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded honors to the Sentricon* Termite Colony Elimination System, received 2000 Presidential Green Chemistry Award.

First, our Company's pest-control expert will inspect your home for signs of termites. Then, Sentricon stations will be placed in the soil around your home. The stations will be checked regularly for termite activity.
When termites are found in a station, they will be transferred to a Baitubedevice containing Recruit II termite bait.
When termite workers eat the bait, the active ingredient, Hexaflumuron will affect their molting process and lead to die off.

The foraging and feeding behavior of subterranean termite workers are responsible for sustaining the colony. As the worker termites die off, the termite colony will gradually decline because of lack of food.
Ultimately leading to termite colony total collapse and elimination.
Pesticide Services Co's professional pest-control expert will continue to inspect the monitoring device regularly to discover any new colonies that might invade your property.

The destruction of termites almost valued hundred million Hong Kong dollars. Whether you live in a low-rise villa or in a high rise building, your home may be a target for termites. In order to prevent your property , please pay attention to the following obvious signs :

  • The appearance of swarms of flying termites around your home during Spring and Summer raining season
  • Discarded wings near doors and windows
  • Soil residue or mud tubes
  • Baseboards, floor boards, doorframes or other wooden fixtures may sound hollow when tapped

Clarifying you are under termites problem, please contact us for initial inspection, and details of the most innovative Sentricon* termite colony elimination system.

Sentricon* system installs inconspicuous Sentricon stations in the soil around your property, and these devices are routinely examined for signs of termite infestation. When the monitoring devices show significant termite activity, they are replaced with a Baitube device containing Recruit II termite bait. After a colony has been eliminated, the bait will be replaced with new monitoring devices. We will continue to inspect these regularly to provide long term protection for your property.

In order to understand the whole process, please contact our sales representatives.