Introduction Of Company

Pesticide Services Company Ltd, established in 1982, one of the best andhighly reputed well-established professional pest control organization in Hong Kong, operates in self-owned premises with fully computerized system to service our client and we are committed to excel ourselves in the pest control service industry according to the "Spirit of our Company".

Over the past ten years, Pesticide Services Company Ltd has been extending its business in Great China and successively set up two corporations in Beijing and Shanghai. Moreover, in the year of 2000, it has attained its authorization in launching Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System to optimize its capability in the field of termite control.

Besides, in the year of 2002, Pesticide Services Company Ltd's Beijing office was awarded the "A" Grade recognition by the China Government Authority to acknowledge its provision of highest level of quality pest control service to the Capital of Great China.

Service of our Company

The Sprit of our Company is "Guaranteed Success Without Hazard" a slogan means providing the most effective integrated management of those viruses, bacteria and pests which pose a threat to the world's health, property and food supply, and at the same time we ensure that the treatment of such microorganisms and pests does not cause any unacceptable risk to our valuable customers, operators and the environment.

Therefore a really high level of professional sterilization and pest control services should comprise of the following policies in order to satisfactorily achieve the above slogan's spirit:-

  1. Application of environmentally friendly disinfectants and pesticides, IGR, and a variety of baiting systems and insect attractants according to the Orlando Protocol and Ozone Layer Production Ordinance to achieve the lowest mammalian toxicity but with high performance of eliminating all kinds of viruses, bacteria and pests.
  2. Adoption of Hi-tech equipments and monitoring devices such as Co2-generated Mosquito Trapper, Prolinx System, Termite Locator and Termatrac, etc in the implementation of IPM concept by our Company's disinfectors and pest controllers in providing comprehensive and high quality services to ensure a long-lasting clean, health, safe and pest-free environment to our clients.
  3. Implementation of specific-designed software and fully-computerized system to facilitate the efficiency and effectiveness of high-graded services and integrated solutions to each valuable customer.
  4. Continuous site monitoring and reporting on environmental status to our clients to achieve the highest customer satisfaction and make sure they can enjoy a comfortable life free from the worries of pests and viruses.
  5. Continuous keeping our Company's staff members well-informed of the latest sterilization and pest management knowledge and providing intensive training to upgrade their professionalism.

Scope Of services

  1. Complete sterilization and pest control services - viruses, bacteria, fungi, flea, snake, termite, cockroach, mite, ant, rodent, flying & crawling insect, wasp, wood-boring insect, and other pests.
    - Residential - public and private estates
    - Commercial - office buildings. hospitals, restaurants, clubs, banks, and hotels
    - Industrial - factories, public utilities, warehouses, food processing areas and construction sites.
    - Others - colleges, churches and temples, and elderly care centers
  2. Distributor of modern pest control chemicals and equipments
  3. Continuous site monitoring and control
    - Periodic visit and checking
    - One year service warranty (Only for pest control service)
  4. Carpet Maintenance

Membership and Recogniution of the following Associations

  1. Hong Kong Pest Management Association
  2. National Pest Management Association of USA
  3. Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association
  4. Island Cleaning Services Association Ltd
  5. Pest Control Personnel Association of Hong Kong
  6. Guangdong Termite Control & Research Association (廣東省白蟻學會)
  7. Federation of Asian & Oceanic Pest Management Association
  8. Authorized Operator of Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System
  9. Authorized Technician of Termatrac Termite Detecting System