Cockroach Control



  • No need to cover stuffs and utensils before applying insecticide
  • No need to clean stuffs and utensils after applying insecticide
  • No bad / toxic odor
  • Apply at anytime

State-of-the-Art Technology


Insecticide spray has long been used for monitoring and eliminating roaches. However, since the development of Professional Cockroach Gel, it enables our company to deliver more effective service to control and get rid of roaches with guaranteed result.

Decades of scientific research and development, Professional Cockroach Gel is the newly pesticide specially dedicated for integrated pest management professionals. It is absolutely suitable for the heavily infested as well as those sensitive areas where poisions and sprays cannot be used environment.

Professional Cockroach Gel can be applied accurately in areas where roaches are active, and resilient, thus causing quick eradication against the cockroach population. As a result, insecticide spray will not be needed anymore.

Simple Application

We provides not only the most effective roaches eliminating method, but also a convenient monitoring method to avoid complicated covering and cleaning procedure before and after Gel Bait application.

The Gel Bait has no any bad/toxic odor, which will not cause any indisposition. Application can be taken at anytime, therefore, kitchen staff can remain their workplace even application is in general office hour.

It can be used in the most difficult managing black spot where roaches are active, including sensitive and under appliance area.


Safe Application


Only a small amount of Gel Bait is needed to do the job. And, the baits can be placed where people do not come in contact with them. Therefore, it can be out of the reach of and safe for children and pets.

If you mind to use the traditional insecticide spray, our company's Cockroach Gel Bait is your ultimate choice to farewell the roaches.

Hence, our company recommends you to use this high impact Cockroach Gel, as it will be the most advanced and effective method to control and eliminate energetic and resilient roach's family.

How the Gel Bait works

After applying the Gel Bait, it contains food which will attract the roaches to eat the bait. Poison in the bait kills them within a few hours. It will eliminate the numbers of roaches in a few days obviously. Yet how the Gel Bait works in detecting roaches from cracks and crevices ? All depends on the roach' activity. After a roach eats the bait, it goes back to its hiding place and dies. Other roaches eat the body of the poisoned roach and they die too.

Each roach that eats the bait can poison dozens of roaches. Thus, the infestation effects within roach colony deliver ultimate and successful controlling and eliminating method.



  1. Easy application

    Free of pre-&-post application covering and cleaning procedure, Gel Bait is cleaner than using tradition insecticide spray

  2. safe and reliable

    It dose not affect normal working routine even applying in the kitchen and cooking on progress.

  3. Effective result

    It is rare case that cockroaches are disappeared for over two months after application.

  4. Environmental Protection Product

    It is very amazing that the Gel Bait is a mammalian non--toxic chemical.

  5. Reasonable price

    It is surprised that the service charge is very reasonable and affordable.