Termite Control

Sentricon* Colony Elimination system Dow AgroSciences LLC's newest scientific research product, Sentricon* Colony Elimination System, is the most advanced and efficient method to monitor and eliminate termites. Debut Hong Kong recently, we are proudly to be an authorized operator of Sentricon system.

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Termite Control Termite Control

Mouse Control

Because of the high risk to human health and potential damage to food, electrical wiring, insulation, clothing and personal effects rodent control should be taken very seriously in the home or business. Prevention is the best method of control.

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Mouse Control Mouse Control
Cockroach Control Cockroach Control

Cockroach Control

Insecticide spray has long been used for monitoring and eliminating roaches. However, since the development of Professional Cockroach Gel, it enables our company to deliver more effective service to control and get rid of roaches with guaranteed result.

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Clean Disinfection Clean Disinfection

Clean Disinfection

In order to protect individual and community from infection, an efficient and professional disinfectant procedure is a must. With twenty years of disinfectant and insecticide experience, Pesticide is dedicated to "provide a safe and comfortable environment".

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